Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Accepting Donations!

In response to the huge outpouring of support and requests for ways to donate to the project, I've teamed together with to keep the fundraising momentum going. You can read my project proposal and make a donation here-

95% of donations will go towards the Columbus Artmobile, and 5% back to Kickstarter. As an added bonus, anyone donating $100 or more will be rewarded with a spotlight feature on the Artmobile website! You can promote yourself, your business, anything that's important to you.

Thanks for your support!


  1. Hi Heather,
    I donated yesterday, but I also think a project like this would qualify for a grant of some kind. I'm not real familiar with how all that happens but it is worth investigating.

    Kris Early
    Bella Beads Studio
    Columbus, Ohio

  2. Thanks so much Kris! I'm looking into a number of grants right now, and will keep everyone posted. We're definitely on our way though. Thanks again!