Monday, March 8, 2010

Think of me when you start your Spring Cleaning!

Hey folks!
With the reappearance of the sun (thank you mother nature!!) and the weather starting to warm, I thought some of you crazy kids might be getting a jump start on your spring cleaning. I know my own studio resembles quite the disaster area and much can be tossed or donated.

I'd love to take some things off your hands! I'm currently accepting donations of.... paper (newsprint, thicker cardstock, or textured papers preferred)
paint (acrylic, tempera or tubes of watercolor)
scissors (child friendly, fiscars, etc)
glue (bottles, sticks, spray adhesive, etc)
brushes (all types, sizes)
pastels (chalk and oil types)
charcoal (all types)

If you have other art supplies you'd like to donate, I'll gladly take those as well! Please email me at to set up a time to meet! Thanks : )

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